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Fact or Fiction: Drop Bear 2024 Niue $5 2oz Silver Proof Coin

Fact or Fiction: Drop Bear 2024 Niue $5 2oz Silver Proof Coin

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Whilst Australians are known for a unique larrikinish humour, it’s conversely true that the nation houses a plethora of deadly, dangerous, and killer animals. Alarmingly, the Drop Bear finds itself at the crossroads of these two cultural aspects and is, astonishingly, widely considered a hoax! But this is not a Fact or Fiction debate, the Drop Bear is no joke…

Near impossible to find nor track, until it is too late, the territorial habits of the Drop Bear differ drastically from its much cuter relative, the Koala. Walk into the wrong part of a native eucalyptus filled bushland and, before you know it, this furious furball will drop from the trees in a full-blown attack!

Whilst the world believes in the, frankly, absurd Australian animal that is the Platypus (duck billed mammal? Yeah, sure.) it continues to overlook the Drop Bear.... to the detriment of thousands of tourists every year.

Minted from one ounce of 99.9% pure silver, this cool collectable features the Drop Bear, plummeting towards an unaware bushwalker during a stormy Aussie night. Featuring superb detail and sparkling metallic background colour, the Fact or Fiction Drop Bear silver coin is limited to a mintage of just 300 worldwide...

Monetary Denomination:  $5
Country:  Niue
Fineness (% purity):  99.9
Metal: Silver
Maximum Mintage 300
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