A perfect gift for new Australian citizens: the Australian Citizenship coin

A perfect gift for new Australian citizens: the Australian Citizenship coin

If you know someone becoming an Australian citizen this year, 2024, this 2024 Australian Citizenship Join coins be a perfect gift for them.

Here at www.mintcoinshop.com.au, we are grateful to offer this coin. It is a wonderful gift, a practical gift, a keepsake gift for any new Australian citizen.

The 2024 Australian Citizenship coin is that gift they will treasure for the memories it will hold.  It is also a terrific git for new citizens to give as someone we know did recently, giving one of these coins to each of their closest friends as a gesture of gratefulness for the welcome.

Here are the details about this 2024 Australian citizenship coin:

  • $1 aluminium bronze coin
  • Commonwealth Coat of Arms design
  • Features the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse
  • Australian legal tender
  • Australia-themed presentation card

All our stock is new, and it is shipped from our Melbourne Australia office to anywhere you need. We take care to package it carefully, so that it arrives safe and ready to treasure.

The coin's reverse features the iconic Commonwealth Coat of Arms. This coat of arms depicts the badges of each of the six states on a shield, united under the Commonwealth Star. It's a powerful image of federation and unity, a reminder of the diverse makeup of Australia. The kangaroo and emu, Australia's national fauna, flank the shield, while the golden wattle, our national floral emblem, adds a touch of Aussie flora. The inscription "AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP" proudly sits below, leaving no doubt about the coin's significance.

The obverse of the coin portrays the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse, a tribute to the late monarch. This design features the Jody Clark effigy of Her Majesty, along with the years of her reign (1952-2022).

What's interesting is that this 2024 Australian citizenship coin will be the last to feature Queen Elizabeth II.

The 2024 Australian Citizenship Coin is more than just a piece of currency. It's a symbol of national pride, a mark of achievement, and a cherished keepsake for new Australians to hold onto for years to come.

What a wonderful occasion to celebrate - becoming a citizen of Australia. Welcome one and all!

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