How we track and block bad behaviour bots from impacting new coin releases

newsXpress Pty Ltd runs We take our role of offering transparent and ethical service of coin collectors seriously.

Every time there is a new release, we hold off shipping for a couple of days. We manually check all orders based on a range of criteria that varies by not product drop. We vary the criteria as we are aware of discussions on forums.

If we find that someone or a group of people have placed more than the allowed order quantity, we will cancel the noted orders and release that inventory back to the website for sale.

If we do cancel an order for this reason, there is a cost associated, as per our published terms and conditions.

We release the new inventory at a random time selected, usually without prior warning. For the released stock, we continue to be vigilant to ensure that bots and bad actors are not able to game the system and get more than is allowed.

On each product page where there is a purchase limit, we note it.

In terms of refunds, on the website we note: For products that contain purchase limits and you purchase above this amount a restocking fee of up to 20% may apply.

We wish we did not have to do this but there are people out there trying to profit off of new coin releases and this is negatively impacting genuine collectors. The collectors are our true customers and we will do our very best to serve them for it is for them that the Mint produces these wonderful coin sets.

So if you are using a bot to try and buy coins or following other advice from flippers and groups on telegram or Discord that advise flippers how to make money flipping coins, our manual processes are likely to catch you and deny your purchase, at a penalty cost to you.

We don’t flip ourselves. All coins we receive from the Mint are sold via our website to customers and we do this at the prices set by the Ryal Australian Mint.

Safe shopping and happy shopping to all.

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